Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Personal note ...

I am in Canada with my wife for a conference in Vanderhoof, B.C. (British Columbia is more beautiful than Oregon! It is, quite possibly the most beautiful piece of the planet!!) I am also reading Gordon Glover's newly released book, Beyond the Firmament, which I am enjoying very much. I will be reviewing it here soon, and then dialoging (a lot!) with Gordon. Very good book. I recommend it to all my readers. Anyway, all of this to say that it may be a few more days before I am able to finish the next post on the the problem of evil.

~ Cliff


Steve Martin said...

Welcome to Canada Cliff! Why don't you stop by Toronto while you are here?
I'm looking forward to BTF as well but unfortunately its still on order from - guess things just move much more slowly up here.

Cliff Martin said...

Sure! I'll just zip over during one of our lunch breaks!

Anonymous said...


Glad you're enjoying it. Sorry Steve about the delay, I don't know why it takes so long for the distributor to go through

One of the primary reason's I set up my blog was for BTF discussion - which so far has been nonexistant. I anticipated that there would be many issues that are not sufficiently resolved in the modern mind. In fact "loose ends" are to be expected any time we finite creatures contemplate the mysteries of the infinite wonders of God.

So I'm glad to hear that it has generated potential discussion points. As you think of things, jot them down and then send them to me. I'll start threads on my site that restate the question/concen with my attempted response. This should facilitate discussion and help promote the book at the same time.

Talk to you soon!