Sunday, May 24, 2009

Complete Glover Series Now Available

When Christians choose to reject science that is nearly universally accepted, and choose to hold to views founded upon a literal reading of Genesis, their choice may be largely inconsequential. Other than accepting a false sense of reality, and limiting their own appreciation of the cosmos and of life sciences, their choice may have little impact upon their day to day lives.

But when Christian educators reject the last 200 years of scientific advancements, and pass this bias on to their students, they severely cripple Christian young people by passing on notions which will be completely worthless in their careers. Again, this may matter little to the student who does not pursue a career in certain technical or scientific fields. But those who do pursue such careers will find themselves severely handicapped in the job market.

Gordon J. Glover, author of Beyond the Firmament (see my review here) addresses this issue in his video series entitled “Science and Christian Education”. Glover has just announced the completion of the series, and it is available for viewing at YouTube by clicking here. Christian educators, or parents whose children are home-schooled or are enrolled in Christian schools, ought to view these 10 minute videos. But any believer who is struggling with how concepts like evolutionary biology, cosmology, and geology interface with an evangelical view of the Scriptures will benefit from watching this series. The videos are nicely done, powerful and succinct. I recommend them to my Christian friends.

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