Monday, April 6, 2009

Misconceptions about Evolution

A tip of the hat to James at Science and Religion for this video by YouTube artist and communicator QualiaSoup (whose videos are informative, and quite entertaining!) I know that many of my readers still have trouble accepting evolution. Since only highly intelligent people read this blog, I suspect that most of these friends reject evolution on the basis of misinformation and misconceptions. Believe me, plenty of misinformation has been (and continues to be) disseminated within the Christian community. Much of it is intentional deception, and is a black eye on Christianity. I recommend this 10 minute video to all who doubt evolution. The video makes no attempt to prove evolution. But it does attempt to explain evolution, and expose many lies and false notions common among those who oppose it.

There are some (very few, I think) well-informed people who still oppose some tenets of evolution. But they do so without resorting to the ridiculous arguments which are all too common among conservative American Christians. If you choose to reject evolution, this video will help you refine your arguments, and help you to discontinue the use of arguments founded upon ignorance. As fellow blogger James wrote, "All people who oppose evolution need to see this." Click here.

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Isaac Gouy said...

Darwin was, of course, a creationist!

"While in the Galapagos, creationist theory primed Darwin in key ways for what he observed and understood there. ... He was clearly trying to reconcile the new and strange creatures he was encountering in this remote archipelago with the prevailing creationist paradigm." p110

"As a result of his creationist perspective on species and varieties, Darwin - astonishingly, from our modern evolutionary viewpoint - failed to collect a single specimen of giant tortoise for scientific purposes during his Galapagos stay." p112

"The same creationist mindset helps to explain why Darwin at first failed to understand the most famous Galapagos exemplar of evolution in action - namely, Darwin's famous finches." p113

Why Darwin Rejected Intelligent Design (pdf)