Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Stealing it back"

Steve Matheson, who is Associate Professor of Biology at Calvin College, just posted this transcript of a talk he gave at Calvin a few years back: Quintessence of Dust: Stealing it back.

Christians who accept evolution are often treated with suspicion and mistrust by other evangelical Christians. I experience this first hand, along with a general disdain for science common among many of my friends. This contempt for the scientific exploration of our world and universe is baffling to me. As one who loves and worships the Creator, nothing seems more natural to me than to explore his Creative handiwork as deeply as possible. And science has given us many tools to do just that.

Matheson, an outspoken Christian evolutionist, has this to say about his enthusiasm for science:
Why look intently at the creation and try to understand it? Because it's cool; God thinks it's cool. He gets delight from it, rides around on it. He rejoices in it. To enter the examination of God's creation is to share God's delight in what he has made. It's his creation. He made it. He thinks it's great.
Matheson goes on the explore the roots of the generalized fear and mistrust of evolutionary science so common among Christians today. In doing so, he builds a case that science has been hijacked by unbelievers, and that it is time for Christians to take it back. I encourage my friends to read his comments. Click here.


Isaac Gouy said...
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Isaac Gouy said...

cliff > he builds a case that science has been hijacked by unbelievers

No he never "builds a case" - he skips right to the rhetoric:

"Why was I worried that evolution could eliminate God as Creator? Don't have time to explore that now, but suffice it to say that some enemies of our faith (and quite a few confused Christians) are deliberately repeating and defending this nonsense, painting a picture of a God who gets smaller every time another scientific experiment is completed."

Isaac Gouy said...

cliff > to explore his Creative handiwork as deeply as possible

Animal Life: Secrets of the Animal World Revealed is just stunning - "illustrated with fantastic photography that jumps off the page at you" is understatement, most every page shows amazing photography.

Following the first real page of content "What is an animal?" straight away it's "Evolution" "Sharing a common ancestor" "The animal groups in the diagram are all related to the first vertebrate, which appeared around 540 million years ago" and then 4 pages that layout some of the fossil record.

Obviously for some that's a problem in the first couple of pages - Earth at least 540 mya and a common ancestor for all animals.